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Samstag, 20. Mai 2017

Republic of Vevcani

a.k.a. the place where I finally got my Balkan passport

I’m sure you know at least one traveller who constantly brags about the various stamps on their passport. Me, instead, I’m always bragging about that Slovenian stamp I got when I renewed my passport while I was living in Slovenia. It kind of spices up my Italian passport adding a hint of the Balkans, which always makes things more intriguing.

This was until I got my very first Balkan passport from the Independent Republic of Vevcani (and yes, I drove under a storm as far as Vevcani only to get a fake passport; you can add this to the list of unusual methods by which I pick my destinations ;-) ).

Vevcani, a micro-country established in 2002, is located just outside the Mavrovo Park, one hour’s drive from Ohrid. The flag has the same red and yellow as the Macedonian flag, but -instead of just sunbeams- on the flag of the Vevcani Republic there is the whole shape of the sun.

The village itself is very nice, well-known for the water spring on the mountain and –it goes without saying- the patriotism of its inhabitants. I didn’t hike up the mountain as far as the springs as it was raining very hard, but I visited the St. Nikola Church, which is all frescoed and very beautiful.

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