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Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Even the Air Is Healing in Oraovec Village

Around twenty minutes from Veles, on the slopes of Mount Klepa is located the Oraovec village. Except the people in the Veles region, not many heard about this village, where nature has not spared its gifts. Greenery, water, clean air and rich history, all in one place.

On the slopes of the Mount Klepa the history and present intertwine, mixed with natural beauty, water and the smell of spring flowers. All this makes Oraovec village a desirable place to visit due to health, vacation and brief introduction to history.

Oraovec Village
In spring the village is wonderful, the colors and scents of the lilacs mix, but also the scents of the olive trees there are in large numbers, although the village is located at a high altitude. Villagers proudly show the three fountains where clean mountain water gushes out. They say there is plenty of drinking water and that they do not have trouble in the hot days. It cannot be extremely hot in the village, especially because of the numerous walnut trees that cast thick shadows.

The village is at an altitude of 500 meters, offers peace and quiet, but also an opportunity to treat as an air bath. Due to the number of walnut trees, the village derives its name Oraovec. It's one of the reasons that air in the village has healing attributes.

- For three decades children from the municipality came in the village to get a treatment because we have good water and air. The numerous walnuts enrich the air with iodine so children get treated here quickly. “Oraovec once was an air bath, as Jasenovo is now”, says Olga Petkova, a resident of the village.

The natural lake is also a great boon and serves for bathing over the summer, when the village is more alive with the return of numerous residents. While walking the visit the church "St. Spas" located in the village is unavoidable. It was built in 1839 by the architect Andrej Damjanov. Inside is a valuable iconostasis and numerous ancient icons. The village has a specific architecture with stone roofs.

St. Spas Church in Oraovec 
"All the houses are covered with stone slabs, as natural air conditioning; cool in summer, warm in winter. We do not need another cooling, the isolation is all natural. The stone slabs originate from a nearby quarry", says Olga. She also underlines that the vegetable products of the residents of Oraovec are particularly popular on the Veles market. The reason for that is the environmentally pristine land, making the local products healthier than others.

The small village was home to important people of the Macedonian history. The few people that live in the village are especially proud of the glorious past of Oraovec. At the end of April, many of the guests come to lay flowers on the graves of the Gemici Milan Arsov and the Ilinden Duke Jovan Naumov - Alabak.

Oraovec village, with its natural beauty and significant historical past is desirable to visit. Its inhabitants look forward to every guest and friendly welcome them. Thus, if there is nowhere to go, visit Oraovec and enjoy the freshness of walnut trees and the healthy air.

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